Turning 24 and a mad 4 weeks.


Do you sometimes have that feeling where you try and cram as much as is humanly possible  in the 24 hours that constitute a day and that time just isn’t enough? I have had that feeling over the past 4 weeks. Being an entrepreneur sounds great and all, but it is NOT easy, the past few weeks have been testament to that. I am not going to bore you with the details, here’s the jist though – a ton of trouble shooting for our latest project, investor meetings and a rather insipid elevator pitch to a potential angel investor ( I haven’t recovered from that yet 😦 ), heaps of  paperwork, a profusion of meetings/planning on the road map for my company. It felt like I’d arrived at my first day of swimming lessons and I had been thrown in at the deep end of the bloody pool. It knocked the wind out of me. While I’d love to say, some innate capacity in me belted out a butterfly stroke and I managed to reach the edge of the pool with elan, in reality it had me spluttering about for quite a bit before I had my bearings .(Okay, Imma stop with the swimming analogy now) I have to say this though,tis experience has literally been the most amazing and constructive.

And it is safe to say midst all of this chaos, the GMAT has taken a back seat, I’ve pushed my exam date to October 31. So, that’s going to mean Round 2, folks. I am going to have to get in 6 apps in round 2. I want to send in my best possible application to all of my target schools, and if that means pushing to Round 2, I am okay with that.  I am off work for the whole of October for prep, I just want to get this damn test out of the way!

My temple for the next 5 weeks.

My temple for the next 5 weeks. I am going to get you, GMAT.

My essays are taking shape, I am a few days away from having my first draft of essays for Kellogg and Ross ready. The goals are looking good as well. I have gotten good comments from my admissions consultant on that, so I am a little relieved.  As I advance into the complex maze that is the application process, I find myself looking at my profile severely. I am constantly comparing myself to other applicants and feeling rather small, in the shadows of some frickin’ stellar profiles. I really need to relax.

In other news, My connect with Kellogg has deepened, and I have fallen even more in love with the school, if that’s possible. The Kellogg Impact Club has gone out of their way to help me understand the culture at Kellogg and put me touch with a group of alumni who started a company in the same domain as mine is in, and of course based in India. I had a nice long chat with one of the founders. He had some great things to say about the school and way things are done there. I  am  soo excited to be applying there!

Annnnd I turned 24 this week! God, I feel old. :/

Grantmeadmission , Pullingthatmbatrigger, Hugo, TopdogMBA, Naijambagirl !!! Congratulations to those of you who’ve sent in your apps, soo excited for you! 😀 Those of you giving your apps a good ol’ spit and shine and on the brink of hitting SEND, go get ’em!

I just had a thought, all of us should convene at the end of this application journey, before we jet off to our dream schools and compare battle scars. I would love to meet you guys! 😀


July has slipped by and how?


July hasn’t been particularly productive for me. I had a ton of stuff planned and I managed to do only 60%, which means the unfinished business is going to spill over to August. I REALLY need to step on it! GMAT preparation is going so-so, had a 2 week pause in the prep, though (Which I know I am going to pay for). Oh and I might have a suicidal streak in me because, looks like I will have to schedule my GMAT for the 24th of September, which incidentally coincides with my Kellogg Round 1 deadline! What’s an admission season without some drama eh? I have a plan though. Wish me luck, Guys?

I have frozen on my two recommenders. Recommender number 1, the Ex-CEO of my previous company. I spoke to him last week and he was on board. He didn’t flinch when I told him there’d be 6 – 7 schools! I am so grateful, because he is a super busy person. Recommender number 2, the COO of my company. Well, after my Mum and Dad, he is my biggest mentor and cheerleader. It is soo reassuring and humbling, when you have people you’ve worked with rooting for you. You stop being super critical of your self and think, okay maybe, I won’t suck so much at business school and that MAYBE I will bring something valuable to the table.

On to the realm of essay strategies. I have taken Koodzi’s advice and always carry a ‘Black book of Essay Ideas’ on my person. It has been so helpful, especially for me, inspiration has this uncanny ability of striking at odd times. So, yes I have some good stories to work with. I start my sessions with the admission consultant from the 5th of August, I will keep you guys posted on how that progresses.

So, I have done some research and some heavy, heavy reflection and have decided to add Texas ( McCombs) to my school mix to offset the removal of either Cornell or Haas (Or both). Haas, like Stanford is a long shot for me and their low acceptance rates is really terrifying. Cornell, I haven’t really dug too much into. I want to make an informed decision, so I will have a chat with my admissions consultant and do some serious research! More on my final decision in the next post!

Your thoughts, guys?