A brief intermission & a B School Tally Entry

It is great to be back to the blogosphere, I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms. But things are quite lull ‘ed’ out here at the moment, aren’t they? I am sure everyone is working their butt off on GMAT prep and their applications.

A lot has happened since my last post. Exciting stuff, for the most part ! Work-wise things have been cra-aa-zzy (the good kinda crazy), our business so far has been bootstrapped, but with rapid expansion on the cards, the hunt for other avenues of funding has become imperative . So, over the past couple of months we’ve approached various angel investors to pitch our idea. A couple of leads went through to the second round of discussions, so my life of late, has become a frenzy of financials, business models and investor pitch presentations. It’s amazing how this experience has stretched my mind and given me feedback on the skills I need to hone, at business school of course. Great bits of content to inject into my essays.

Speaking of essays, I have started out with my admissions consultant. My immediate, Short-term and Long-term MBA goals have crystalized into something concrete, waiting to hear comments on that, at the same time I have gotten a couple of success, leadership and ‘why MBA now’ accounts to work with. 

The GMAT prep is going full swing. I will have a post specifically on my preparation strategy and material in another post. You won’t believe what’s keeping me motivated, it’s Facebook feeds and Instagrams from all my target schools. The class of 2016 is having it’s orientation and the social media is flooded with pictures of clam bakes (that’s right, a clambake dinner on the frickin’ beach – Yale SOM), barbecues, mock classes (Ross) and meets . I WANT to be doing those things next fall! LET’S DO THIS!

So, My business school Tally board is about 90% done with the completion of the ‘ROSS’ section. Michigan Ross is a school I connected with way back in November, 2013. Extremely friendly current students, they went out of their way to answer all my questions thoroughly. A fantastic school, Marketing and Social Enterprise have a special focus. My experience in the past few months with prepping for discussions and meetings with Angel Investors and VC’s has been an eye opener and has left me with a yearning  for an understanding of the dynamics of social Impact funding, I have been consciously looking for a ‘VC and Social Impact funding exposure’ feature in my target schools, – Kellogg, Stanford and Ross tick that box for me! 


Ross on the B school Tally Board. I am loving their new & improved website.                                                    http://michiganross.umich.edu/

Grantmeadmission and Texaswannabecali , guys CRUSH the GMAT ! Make me proud !! 😀


Stanford Graduate School of Business: Business School Tally board

Stanford GSB the second of the trinity of magnificent business schools. With acceptance rates of 5.7%, Stanford GSB is a loonng shot for me. The odds are simply not in my favor. So why even bother applying, you might ask. Well, it’s quite simple, I love the school – the ethos of innovation and entrepreneurship that the school exudes is what I want to be a part of! Kellogg is still on the top of my list but both schools might finish in a dead-heat.


Also, Stanford because of this profound Will Smith quote.

My thoughts classified. I will be updating it as and when I get relevant information on some of the incomplete boxes!


For those of you interested in Stanford GSB, Check out this awesome video blog by Koodzi, a recent Stanford admit! He has some great insights!

Yale School Of Management: Business School Tally Board

It wasn’t until my friend was researching and applying to Yale last application season that I realized that – Yale is a great school, especially for their focus in my field, Social Impact Businesses. (And yes, my friend is going to Yale SOM in August!) I have done some research and learnt a lot of wonderful things about the school. The one thing that I am slightly cut up about is, it not being a powerhouse in marketing. Strength in Marketing, is something I am really looking for in a Business School.
I have pigeonholed all my thoughts on Yale SOM in the tally! Let me know what you think! 🙂


GMAT Prepwise, I am in week 3, trudging along. My schedule is something like this on the weekdays

4:30 AM – 6:30 AM – Verbal ( currently finishing up SC from the Aristotle SC Grail)

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Quant ( I am following the Manhattan GMAT Guides)

8:30 PM – Till i black out – Go through my notes, rules and flash cards. and Of course my Multiplication tables.



Business School Tally Board

 I read this blog post on the Kellogg MBA students blog and was immediately drawn to the experience that Kellogg has to offer. I loved how lucid and relevant that criteria was to me, and I have used it as the heart of my ‘Business School Tally Exercise’. Because let’s face it most top schools have ‘A Rigorous Curriculum’, ‘Faculty Experts‘, ‘State of the art Infrastructure‘ so those of us applying to the top 15 need not worry about any of that but, it is vital that we go deep into each school’s unique offering and understand how we will benefit from it. ( honestly, those ridiculously expensive fees better be worth it) I am taking my time and doing thorough research on the schools. Most schools have comprehensive websites, amazing blogs to follow and the admissions office are forthcoming and patient with your questions, these give you a feel of what it’s like to go that particular school. If anyone know other ways to access information pleaaase let me know?

 The schools that I have short listed are as follows. My list is still a work in progress.






6.Haas  (Thanks to MBA reapplicant84’s advice)


Keeping the kellogg MBA students blog in mind, here’s the tally board. I will be revisiting this every week and updating it. I will also do a post on my profile, so I can get all of your suggestions!

 Kellogg’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Video ( KIEI) – I couldn’t embed the link in the entrepreneurship section of the table.