New Year, New Plans

Happy New Year, Guys! Hope it’s a magical one!

I know for certain that 2015 promises to be freakin’ magical for Topdog, Naija, Vandana and Hugo! You guys have admits to the best business schools in the world, aaahhh… Ya’ll are my role models! I am sure the round 2’ers will be close at your heels and are giving their apps a good ol’ spit and shine. I am sending tons of positive vibes your way, round 2’ers. I know, like I know, you guys will have great news come March/April!

After thorough examination of the position at where I stand today, I have decided to apply for my MBA in the 2015 admission cycle. Here’s a look at the result that the thorough examination rendered –

1. My company is at the cusp of bringing in funding from an Impact funding vehicle. As one of the founders, it is imperative for me to be around to see the deal through. I can’t just head off to business school at this point, it displays lack of commitment to the vision around which my company was built.

2. We are on a massive expansion drive and expansion at a start up requires all members working to make it happen. It needs undivided attention. I hadn’t even thought through how my roles and responsibilities would be carried out, had I gone off to business school. No replacement strategy was put in place. (I feel super stupid about that)

3. Financing the MBA. I had a plan at the beginning of 2014 about how I’d finance it, but a start up literally bleeds you dry. Everything was pumped into the company, by the time December rolled around I knew I had to look for other options. Scholarships were out of the window because of my less than perfect 650 on the GMAT.

4. Of course my GMAT score. I need to fix that.

So, there we are. That’s why it’s going to be the 2015 cycle for me. I will be applying to the same schools that I have up on the tally (that’s probably the best thing I’ve done so far, figuring out my school list). A little heads up,I am going to be bothering my blogger friends for inputs, through the next few months!  😀