C’est la vie.

Yep, I feel ya, simon.

           I feel ya, simon.

I just got back from a trouble shooting mission from one of my projects. So, yes I didn’t give my GMAT on the 31st of October, I’ll have to reschedule it, AGAIN. I had myself a good cry yesterday, because I just CANNOT catch a break with this test. I regret not taking it earlier this year :/. Anyway, I’ll be booking my new date soon, mostly November end or the first week of December! I will have to make this work.

After a good few hours of lolling about in the cesspit of negativity brought on by all this sudden travel, being in a state of despondency over the test and oh did I mention I’ve been moving offices these past 2 weeks, I forced myself to snap out of it (After having the aforementioned good cry, of course) and revisit the bigger picture. I feel like an idiot for getting so emotional over a gorram test. I am a firm believer of the notion that – ‘Everything happens for a reason’, so these delays in taking the test have happened because there’s a bigger plan in motion (I hope!). Now that my head is clear, I realize that I love my job, I love it to bits and I am convinced more than ever that the need for an MBA is supreme. I just have to figure out a way to balance these two rather demanding creatures with sangfroid and control.

I have the tendency to scour Youtube for inspirational TEDTalks when I am out of juice… so yesterday (After having the aforementioned good cry) I stumbled upon this TEDx talk by Kiran Gandhi, and felt like I should share it with ya’ll. I have HUGE girl crush on her, she is such an inspiration. So, here’s her story she is a 25 year old MBA student at Harvard Business School (that’s right) and when she is not prepping for her case studies at school, she is on freaking tour with M.I.A. as her drummer, AMONG other things!! Like WOW. And she lives by this theory called Atomic Living. You gotta watch this video to understand it. Her talk inspired me to look at coincidences (troubleshooting assignment, in my case) in a positive light, because all of them stem from whatever you are passionate about. It made perfect sense to me.

I will keep you guys posted on when my test is slated for. Apart from the test, everything else application-wise are looking good. Recommendation forms will be going out soon. I am gearing up for round 2! I will be adding 2 more schools to my Tally board, and it looks like Darden is going to be one of them! 🙂

PS: 1008557987 points for those of you who spotted the ‘firefly’ references! 😛


8 thoughts on “C’est la vie.

  1. I think crying is a given during this whole process. It has to happen at least once or you’re not doing it right! Ahhh, it must have sucked to have to postpone it again… But the extra prep time won’t hurt!

    Also looking up Kiran Gandhi, she sounds amazing! Darden is a great school, so good choice. What are your other options? I don’t get the Firefly references, so I feel quite lame right now.

  2. Yes, it sucked so much! 😦 but I will focus on getting it done, end of the line now with round 2 deadlines in the horizon.
    Darden as of now,it got a sound general management program and a growing focus on social enterprises. Connected with a student there, great chap.
    Firefly is an amazing spacey/ westerny/ sci-fi TV series created by the legendary Joss Whedon! 😀

  3. I’m with pullingthatmbatrigger on this one – the entire process is an emotionally taxing one, and it’s okay to let go and have yourself a good cry once in a while. I actually find it a cleansing experience after which you’re ready to take on anything (again!).

    Just a bit of advice though, once you book your GMAT date next time, just inform people beforehand and take a few days off work 3-4 days before the exam. No matter what happens at work to change your mind, don’t let it! It’s just 3 days. It’ll give you time to revise your concepts and just de-stress before the exam. If you just take that time off for yourself to get the GMAT done – it’ll be one less thing to worry about in the application process, and if you take it on time, you will have the option to tweak your application strategy according to the score. I know it’ll be tough (I work in a startup too, so I understand a tiny bit how difficult it is to just switch off from doing something you love), but it has to be done. Good luck with the GMAT and R2! I’m just going off to read the rest of your blogs. Because you are clearly a fellow-Firefly lover. 😛

    • Hey Vandana!
      I am going to take your advice! I intended to take the entire month off in October but it just did not happen ( 3 projects just sprung on us). But on the bright side, I have finished most of my portion of the work, the implementation team will be on the job now. So there’s that. Its been one emotional roller coaster! I am going to focus and get it done! 🙂 I am going to be emailing you soon about some strategies for quant ( I am very bad in that area), if you don’t mind me bugging you?
      How is preparation for the Kellogg interview coming along?? I am so excited for you!! I love Kellogg!
      Ahhhhhhhhh!!! You are a Firefly fan?! I LOVE YOU !! We’ve got so much in common, I’d love to meet you!! 😀

      • Write to me anytime, I’d love to help out with the GMAT! 🙂 As for Kellogg, I’m really doing my best to keep it together and stay calm! 😀 I am so verbose that I really have to practise being “to the point” and not ramble!

        We should definitely try and meet up sometime – probably once we’re celebrating our admits! 😉 (or your great GMAT score) 😀

  4. I can’t even count the number of cry sessions I’ve had these past few months! Right there with you girl!! Hang in there…it’s almost over. I’ll be taking the GMAT around that time too so my fingers are crossed for both of us. And definitely going to check out this video. Definitely something I could use right now 🙂

    Best of luck.

  5. Oh God! It is like you are me right now!!!! I so love my job but I feel there are bigger & better things I can do with an MBA. And, crying is inevitable (the girl-hormones are partly to blame!) I wanna kick myself for pushing the test to the last minute. But maybe the “pressure cooker situation” may actually work! I’m booking a date today for the last week of December. Maybe we could just help each other get to that golden 7X0! 🙂 And I just checked out Kiran Gandhi. She’s amazing! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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