July has slipped by and how?


July hasn’t been particularly productive for me. I had a ton of stuff planned and I managed to do only 60%, which means the unfinished business is going to spill over to August. I REALLY need to step on it! GMAT preparation is going so-so, had a 2 week pause in the prep, though (Which I know I am going to pay for). Oh and I might have a suicidal streak in me because, looks like I will have to schedule my GMAT for the 24th of September, which incidentally coincides with my Kellogg Round 1 deadline! What’s an admission season without some drama eh? I have a plan though. Wish me luck, Guys?

I have frozen on my two recommenders. Recommender number 1, the Ex-CEO of my previous company. I spoke to him last week and he was on board. He didn’t flinch when I told him there’d be 6 – 7 schools! I am so grateful, because he is a super busy person. Recommender number 2, the COO of my company. Well, after my Mum and Dad, he is my biggest mentor and cheerleader. It is soo reassuring and humbling, when you have people you’ve worked with rooting for you. You stop being super critical of your self and think, okay maybe, I won’t suck so much at business school and that MAYBE I will bring something valuable to the table.

On to the realm of essay strategies. I have taken Koodzi’s advice and always carry a ‘Black book of Essay Ideas’ on my person. It has been so helpful, especially for me, inspiration has this uncanny ability of striking at odd times. So, yes I have some good stories to work with. I start my sessions with the admission consultant from the 5th of August, I will keep you guys posted on how that progresses.

So, I have done some research and some heavy, heavy reflection and have decided to add Texas ( McCombs) to my school mix to offset the removal of either Cornell or Haas (Or both). Haas, like Stanford is a long shot for me and their low acceptance rates is really terrifying. Cornell, I haven’t really dug too much into. I want to make an informed decision, so I will have a chat with my admissions consultant and do some serious research! More on my final decision in the next post!

Your thoughts, guys?



11 thoughts on “July has slipped by and how?

  1. That’s awesome you’ve already gotten your 2 recommenders on board with your plan and they not only know you and your work ethic, but also have credible positions themselves which will make you look even better!!

    Ahhh that’s crazy about your GMAT date!! If you take the test on the date of the deadline, is it still submitted in time to count for that round??

    And yay for adding McCombs!! (Boo for removing Haas!!) Haha just kidding. I know what you mean though, low acceptance rates are extremely intimidating and sometimes being realistic not only saves you time and money, but also stress and wrinkles. Don’t be too discouraged though, if you really want to go there, I would try my damn hardest no matter the odds. You could be just what they’re looking for 🙂

    What made you add Texas?

    • Just had a talk with a friend about round 1 for Kellogg. Yeah, I am panicking about the GMAT date, the scores will be sent with in 20 days of taking the test. Kellogg says that while they do accept test scores after you’ve submitted your applications, they do not guarantee the new scores will be evaluated at the time my file is reviewed by adcom. That’s a big gamble. So, yes I am going to revise strategy, Kellogg’s going to be round 2.

      Well, Texas because they are pretty solid in Marketing and Entrepreneurship( if the rankings are to be believed), not much in social enterprise, though. I am going to connect with the current students and let’s see if it ticks all the boxes on my b school tally. What’s your take on the school?!

      • Aw that”s disappointing, but that just gives you extra time to perfect your application!! I feel like work and the GMAT consume like 90% of my time and brain power so at least you won’t have to stress over the Kellogg essays while exam prepping. That’s good you have a consultant though that can give you some feedback and strategize a new course of action.

        Yes from what I’ve researched Texas is really good in both of those areas. My two biggest concerns are their presence in the healthcare industry (which wouldn’t apply to you obviously) and their reputation outside of the South. After the GMAT, I also plan on talking to current students and taking a trip down to Austin since I live close, so any information I gather, I’ll be sure to share.

      • Yes, I am hoping I will have a solid application for Kellogg by round 2.

        About, McCombs I have had an eye on the school for a while now, impressive marketing faculty and fantastic alumni. And thank you so much! You are a darling! Please do share all your findings! 🙂

  2. The plan is coming together nicely – congratulations! There are never enough hours in the day so believe me when I say we’re all in the same boat struggling with that problem!

    I see no reason why you can’t prepare the Kellogg application in time for Round 1 (i.e. do as much as you can) so it only needs a few tweaks to be ready for the Round 2 deadline.

    Also, check with your consultant but if your exam’s the same day you can add the scores to your application and a note in the optional essay to say you took the test that day and will send the report when it’s available.

    As long as they have the unofficial score and can “rank” you accordingly, it’s really just due diligence for them to get the official report as part of the admit process. Just a thought.

    Inspired to update y’all on my blog now. Keep your eyes open! 😉

    • Thaaank you for the tip! I will check with my consultant, but I will work on it as if am going to make round 1, anyway. I want to make sure it is a solid application!

      Yes, please! I am keeping my eyes are peeled for a blog post from you! 😀

  3. Recommenders sound super impressive, good job with that! Also, I think pushing Kellogg to round two would be for the best because otherwise you’ll have to juggle that application along with preparation for the GMAT which might not allow you to give either of them the attention they deserve.

    As for McCombs, honestly no inputs at all since it was never on my radar. It is lower down in the rankings though, but would it qualify as a ‘safe’ school? I’d say only apply if you really think you want to go there, as opposed to it being just a safety net.

    • Why, Thank you, Pullingthatmbatrigger! 🙂

      Yes, Kellogg is going to be round 2. But I am going to work the app anyway, I want get all of my applications in by November 15, things are getting way too hectic at work and my undivided attention is needed! :/

      McCombs is not a safe school by any means (for me atleast), I have just been so enamored by the top 7, that I haven’t paid attentions to the few great marketing schools that are lower in the rankings. My interest was piqued a few months back, when McCombs turned up No.10 (Marketing) and No:7 (Entrepreneurship). But I am not someone who relies solely on rankings, so I will portion out some of my time to do some research before I decide! Setting myself up for a ton of work, in the process! siggghh.

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  5. I definitely feel you…. August is almost 50% over!!!

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