Business schools on the road!

business schools on the road

Business schools on the road


International applicants who cannot visit schools they want to apply to will agree with me when I say, the thrust by top business schools on having information sessions/ admission events world–wide is a godsend. I am so excited that four of my target schools will be making a stopover in India. It will be liberating to gather empirical evidence and put a face to the name!

For those of you interested I have put down links for the Admissions Tour Dates of my target schools. Sadly, Haas and Cornell (Johnson) aren’t coming down. I was looking forward to meeting them. I ‘ll have to make the best of emailing current students and alumni.


I’ve been following  my target schools on the social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Blogs & Instagram). It’s a fun way to keep tabs on what your schools are up to and a fantastic medium to connect with current students. You also will have a ton of rich content to work into your essays after couple of weeks of stalking. As most current students and admissions offices are social media savvy –  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the first places that will splashed with the ‘breaking news’ of any given school. You will  be exposed to all the latest collaborations that schools have engaged in ( your essays could talk about how you’d thrive in those collaborations), different inter-school competitions( that you would love to be a part of, if admitted) and new programs that have sprouted.

Give it a whirl, if you aren’t already connected Social Media’wise’.


7 thoughts on “Business schools on the road!

  1. Hi there. I’ve also been quite hooked on Twitter, mainly for those days when I’m constantly on the move and can only grab a few minutes at a time to catch up.
    I had the same suggestion ( but haven’t been quite so keen on Facebook and Instagram so will check that out too.
    Hope you have a great time at the b school events as well. It’s odd that some of the bigger names don’t make it to India (at least near to you?) which could actually reduce the number of Indian applicants (and improve your chances)?

    • Hii! Facebook and Instagram are also great ways to stay abreast of developments at your target schools!

      Oh yes, I am looking forward to the admissions events, hope they are productive!
      A lot of big names do come down, and its quite the contrary actually, the number Indians applying to international b schools is increasing. Though the bulk of applicants from India constitute your typical ‘IT males’, I have an advantage there ( being a female from a social enterprise background?). But my advantage ends there. These guys usually have fantastic stats(great GPAs’ and GMAT scores).

  2. I don’t know where you’re based but I have to hop cities to actually attend them since they’re all in Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore. But I guess it’s easier than visiting the school, so I’m going to make the effort!

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