Do the numbers add up?

Bring it!

Bring it!

The admissions process is very grueling, it forces you to take a hard look at yourself (There are times these deep introspection exercises, have led to astral travel; more on that in another post). Although, I have a few aces up my sleeve like – my goals, which I will be able to articulate in my essays with conviction (both short-term and long-term), being a social entrepreneur and all that. I can’t help but feel like I have major deficiencies in certain wedges of my profile. I do not have a stellar GPA; more like a subpar GPA, I haven’t got impressive credentials for community work either, just an NGO, where I have devoted a couple of months. Apart from being a part of the Indian Bloggers League, AirAsia Bloggers Community ( I don’t know if this counts) and a certified Tea Taster(Yeah, I am eccentric), I do not have anything that makes me memorable . You can see why I have certain inhibitions about my candidacy.


A critical look at my profile  

  • 23 year old Female
  • Indian
  • Undergrad –B.A Economics (2011) 2.9 GPA  (Yes, I played the fool in college, I thought leading the drama club and winning business competitions were way cooler)
  •   Supplemented that with a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing (2013- 2014)  GPA –  7.0/9.0
  • 4 Years of solid work experience upon matriculation – the first 2 years were spent at a start-up, where I lead Marketing and New product development. The past 1 year have been spent building my own firm.
  • My company is a for profit social enterprise – I intend to leverage that to the maximum.
  • GMAT: I am working my butt off to get that 760. I am hoping a good GMAT score will offset my pathetic GPA.

There it is. A glimpse into my not so spectacular profile!

Penny for your thoughts?



20 thoughts on “Do the numbers add up?

  1. That’s so awesome that you’ve been establishing your own company. I think that substantially helps the areas where the numbers aren’t so attractive. Being able to show adcoms your achievements as a leader and entrepreneur at such a young age is extremely compelling in my opinion.
    I feel like i’m in a similar situation minus the fact I have no firm to brag about 😦 I don’t feel like I have a profile that screams “LOOK AT ME! I’M SPECIAL”.. While I would love to say I was president of the finance society in college or volunteered in Africa or started a fundraiser to raise money for charity, I haven’t. Nothing like reading accomplishments by other b school applicants to make you feel rather average.
    I think getting that 760 GMAT score and maybe even getting involved in a few community service projects before deadlines roll around will also help improve your candidacy. I’m glad I decided early enough in the year that I wanted to apply to MBA programs because I’ve had so much time this summer to jump in on volunteer and mentoring projects that will give me the opportunity to showcase experiences that can’t be portrayed through numbers.
    I think adcoms realize that undergrad GPAs can be skewed because most of us don’t take our first few years in college as seriously as we should and its good that you can show you’ve made up for it with your 2nd degree. You have a strong set of goals and a plan to accomplish them, I think you’re exactly what any top school is looking for 🙂

    • Texaswannabecali!! I have had a glimpse of your profile, and you have an impressive arsenal! I hope to god you are right about the GPA, I am worried sick about that aspect. Getting that GMAT score will soothe my anxiety over it though. *fingers crossed* I will take your advise and get involved in a few community, better late than never, right? Haha and thank you for the confidence in my candidacy! 🙂

  2. 760 is something) What are your practice test results?

  3. I think you have a LOT of goodness in your profile. And as for your GPA, I think the farther you are in your career, the less it matters (both positive and negative).

    At the end of the day, I believe the Adcom looks for:
    1) What is your story and why do you do the things you do?
    2) What are your goals (short term and long term)?
    3) Why do you need to go to school HERE?
    4) Will you be successful at OUR school and get a job as well?
    5) Is there a common thread that connects all of the above?

    Just my two cents! You are doing great!

    • Grant me admission, your 5 points do make a lot of sense. I will pour all my energy into conveying those points clearly! Thank you soooooo much! 🙂

  4. Agree with everything texaswannabecali and GrantMeAdmission said! I personally think you have some very unique things in your profile, and the fact that you’re an Indian involved in the social sector should said you apart from the droves. I guess it all comes down to how you put down your story in the application. The whole experience is based on second guessing yourself, so I can totally relate. But I think we’ll make it 🙂

  5. Crush the GMAT and it will go some way to making up for the GPA. One thing that may count against you is your age. Be sure to demonstrate why an MBA is the right move NOW as opposed to in a year or two. Also show how the work experience you have to date will add another interesting viewpoint to the classroom.

    • Hii domotron!

      Yes, GMAT has got to be crushed.

      You have raised interesting points, I will have to be very clear about why the MBA now and how my perspective will add to the diversity in class!
      Thank you for pointing them out!

      How goes the prep for the move to Tuck! Plenty of excitement? 🙂

      • Prep is going well. Almost everything done now just relaxing and sleeping lots while I can!

      • Hahaha! If tales of the rigors at business school are true, sleep is something you will have to bulk up on! All the best! 🙂

  6. Hey, I can see some of the interesting points in your profile, that makes you unique.Such as: your own start-up and Post graduate studies with 4 years of work ex. That looks great. And the social work adds some toppings. I hope a 700+ score will be enough for your desired schools. All the best!! 🙂

    • Hey ProGmat! Thank you, it is slightly reassuring when people tell you have a shot at getting into b school! Yes, a 760 is what I am aiming for, let’s see how it goes. All the best for your preparations as well! When do you plan to take the test?

      • Ohh. Thats great. 760 would be awesome. My GMAT totally depends on preparation. When i would feel that i am ready with the desired score on the prep software. I will give it a shot. That moment is not too far as per my plan. Lets see!!

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