On your marks, get set, Go!


Stanford, Harvard and Yale have released their application essays and deadlines, the others won’t be far behind and with that the ‘Starting Pistol’ for the 2014-2015 admission cycle has gone off! Yikes! I am still at Phase 1!

Order for the next three months: (JUNE, JULY & AUGUST)

1. GMAT – I am hacking through prep material. I should be confident to produce that 750-760 by August.

2. Schools – I have created a sort of Checklist, where I go thoroughly over each School’s offering, costs and ‘fit’. ( I will be putting up a detailed post this weekend on my criteria for selection)

3. Profile – Freezing on an admissions consultant by July. – Any thoughts?

How is everyone else doing?








2 thoughts on “On your marks, get set, Go!

  1. Your 3 month calendar looks very similar to mine. I am also taking the GMAT in August and want to spend either this weekend or the next finalizing my target school selections. Are you going to be visiting campuses and/or talking to alumni for program feedback as part of your decision??

    Would love to know your thoughts on the admission consultants you correspond with. I am also looking to use their services, mostly for essay critiquing.

    Good luck with your GMAT studies! I am right there with you girl.

    • Heyy! I will not be able to visit any campuses, I live in India, so it’s impossible! As for talking to alumni/current students, I am trying to get a hold of some contact info but no luck! 😦 I will have blog posts about my experience and thoughts about admission consultants, I’ll keep you posted! Allll the best with your prep as well!

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