The Bumpy Road to a MBA


MBA on my mind.

I have seriously considered getting a MBA for a year now. After 2 disastrous and 1 so-so attempts at beating the GMAT, I rather boldly applied to Kellogg in round 3 (Yeah, I am ballsy, an international applicant with a substandard GMAT score in round 3…whaaa?) only to be dinged. But I am not disheartened, I’ve picked myself up and started my preparation for this admission cycle ( August – September, 2014). I have solid goals this time around.

PHASE 1 ( June – August)

1. Get that dream GMAT Score of 740 – 760

2. Get my profile licked into shape. (More on that in posts that follow)

3. Short list 7 schools. (All in the top 15, US Schools)

PHASE 2 (August – December)

1. Get all my applications through in R1(Dream Schools) and R2 (Safe Schools)

2. Get accepted into at least 2 schools (Kellogg and Yale)

Yes, I have a definite plan of action and I am going to chronicle them in my blog. I think putting this goal out there for everyone to see is petrifying, but more importantly it will help me stay focused on my goals and who knows it might even help someone who is in the same boat as me!


16 thoughts on “The Bumpy Road to a MBA

  1. I’m in your boat! Glad to join you on your journey this year! I had a practice run last year with one school (Tuck) and am still on the waitlist. I’ll be applying to six schools this year. Also, even though I got a 710 on my first try with the GMAT, I’ll be taking it again in a couple of months to get in the 750-760 range.

    Just one suggestion is to start your applications in July (I know there is a bit of overlap). It REALLY helps to get your applications “done” early, and then continually refine, refine, refine.

    Way to go on taking the leap!

    • Hii GrantMeAdmission, so happy to have you on board! And Wow! You’ve already got a pretty solid GMAT score! I’m sure you will make it to the 750-760 range. I need my 750-760 down as well, wish me luck! As for the starting on the applications, yes you have a point. I will start around the first week of August! Thanks for the input! 🙂

    • Hi Alaur! Thanks for the link, its quite insightful! 🙂 I want to get into a school that has a strong focus on marketing and social Enterprise(For profit).The reason being, I co-founded a company with my dad about 10 months back and it is in the field of Skill Development- our work has tremendous social impact and is a key nation building activity. I need the skills and network (think investment) that an MBA can give me to be able to market my company well. Thats just a small part. I’ll have a blog post later, going into details!

      • Wow, sounds very interesting. Your marketing and social enterprise must be a growing business? An MBA will definitely give you a solid grounding in the world of business, finance, strategy, marketing etc etc. What is your father’s background if you don’t mind me asking? And networking is a big advantage with an MBA, that’s the main reason i am considering doing one. You’ll have access to all the major industry players during networking events. I will most certainly be tuned in for your future posts 🙂

      • Yes, my company is all of 10 months old. My Dad was part of a team that set up a one of the first skill development companies in India,6 years back, prior to that he’s had around 26 years of experience in Banking. Haha, yeah, thanks for the follow. I promise to make it worth your while! 😀

      • Cool, would love to start my own business one day, but I’d definitely need the experience first. My dad has been self-employed for most of his life, mainly opening restaurants (and yes, mainly Indian cousins etc.).

        Ah I see, sounds interesting as I am looking to go into banking as well. Would be interesting to know what area of banking he specialized in, is it more commercial/retail banking or investment banking? 🙂

  2. Sorry about the dings. Went through that and I’m currently preparing to retake the GMAT (July) and give the first round applications everything I have. Good luck with the journey.

    • Hi Naijambagal! Thank you! I will be taking the GMAT in the first week of August, I’ll need all the luck I can get. All the very best on yours, I am sure you’ll do great! 🙂

  3. Good luck! I am excited to follow your journey. I am all too familiar with life as a reapplicant. It sounds like you are on the right track though. Keep it up!

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